"The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise" - See Your Sunrise
Barry had a life-changing moment on a Florida beach. There, he realized the Power and Blessings beyond each sunrise.
power and blessings
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“The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise”

The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise front Cover

atarax price http://kimmswickhistoricalsociety.com/91796-ampicillin-price.html Do you ever look at another person and think, “This person has everything, why can’t I?” If so, Barry Rice has something to tell you: you CAN.

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distribute methocarbamol canada In this restorative and motivating new book, Barry reveals the three qualities you must harness in order to define and reach your most joyous and abundant life. With sharp humor and plain terms, Barry outlines and analyzes the flawed thinking that impacted his response to what he calls “minor inconveniences” in his own life, and unpacks the specific steps that helped him live with purpose.

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buy teva viagra Along the way, he provokes thought and a little bit of laughter to encourage you to see the Power and Blessings God provides beyond each new sunrise–and how to change your attitude, outlook, and direction to become the person you know you are meant to be.

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Meet Barry Rice


Barry Rice is a speaker and author based out of Tennessee. As a Vietnam veteran and the child of adopted parents, Barry felt left out and dejected from society throughout most of his childhood and young adult life. The doctors diagnosed him with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and he further questioned the existence and intent of God. After decades of making excuses instead of progress, Barry had a life-changing moment on a Florida beach. There, he realized the Power and Blessings beyond each sunrise, as well as the myriad of opportunities he had been neglecting. This book details his experience and provides a roadmap to help others find the Power and Blessings in their lives as well.