Christian Speaking Services | See Your Sunrise
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purchase prednisone for dogs Speaker. Leader. Veteran. Friend.

Mableton Barry Rice speaks a message you wouldn’t expect to hear from a once-half-hearted believer in God. He brings a rich, multi-faceted and interesting background to his labor of love as a speaker, leader, veteran, and friend.

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order Ivermectin mastercard Barry’s life-enhancing See Your Sunrise and Move Forward Out of the Fog messages have served as a catalyst for personal transformation for thousands in the United States and abroad. Blending his small-town sensibility, big-world experience, and an engaging sense of humor, Barry is known for his ability to delight, inspire, and challenge his audience to reach for the tremendous opportunities presented by God’s sunrises.


After only a year of studies at college and a two-year stint as a professional water skier at Florida’s Cypress Gardens, Barry served as an Infantry Company Commander in Vietnam.


While recuperating from combat-related wounds, he began seeing that living a fulfilled life required a “back-to-basics” approach. Through deliberate efforts, Barry learned and utilized skills that he had not been taught in school. With his newly established mindset, Barry set out to develop a plan for his future that placed equal emphasis on skill building, personal responsibility, and accountability.


A diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, spurred from exposure to Agent Orange during service in Vietnam, led him to a Florida beach and his discovery that God did, indeed, accept him. Barry’s unique perspective on living a life of faith and without borders leads him to speak to audiences like every member is his friend. From joking and telling a combination of serious and silly stories to challenging mindsets and shifting outlooks on life, Barry isn’t afraid to provide a dose of reality to his inspirational message.


As a 20-year veteran speaker to church groups, prisons, schools, and businesses, Barry has shared his experience finding God’s opportunities upon each sunrise to thousands of listeners. His Christian speaking services include highlights from his book, The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise, and his practical exercise-based program for defining and living success, Moving Forward Out of the Fog. Barry uses his platform as an author and speaker to show individuals who may find themselves in a rut how to witness God’s opportunities and harness them for themselves.


Barry’s own personal life has been marked with some wonderful achievements along with personal and professional setbacks, which he refers to as only “minor inconveniences.”


His triumphs through these “minor inconveniences” reminds us that no matter what life dishes out, it’s how we react to the daily choices and opportunities presented by God that matters most.

See Your Sunrise Keynote Speech

In this keynote, Barry dives deep into his past to reveal the troubling, joyous, and somewhere in between moments that led him to recognize the Power and Blessings of God’s Sunrise. From a stint during the Vietnam War where he watched as brothers fell left and right on the battlefield to enduring the pain of two divorces over a couple of decades, Barry shows that light can be found in even the darkest of places. Discover how to hone your vision, muster willingness, and commit to achieving the goals you have for your life – despite the obstacles along your path.

Moving Forward Out of the Fog Keynote Speech

A more prescriptive keynote, Barry’s Moving Forward Out of the Fog speech is a half-day version of his renowned self-paced program, which he delivers in-person to interested parties. He provides attendees with clear and defined checkpoints to grabbing their vision of success. It’s an empowering message that challenges listeners to shun societal expectations and find their true source of happiness, then follow it. Barry guides the audience through 5 proven steps to unlock potential and stay accountable to the goal, whatever it may be for each individual in the room.