See Your Sunrise Keynote Speaker | Barry Rice
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See Your Sunrise Keynote update SEE YOUR SUNRISE аdapt  

flagyl uk In today’s society, the notion of “keeping up with the Jones’” still runs rampant. Whether we seek a bigger house or smaller phone, one fact rings true: we struggle to control our need to compare ourselves to our peers. Drawing upon his experiences growing up as an orphan, serving in the Vietnam War, and learning about a lifetime disease, Barry, motivational keynote speaker, shares his most inspiring revelations and insight. You will leave with a concrete vision for your life, a renewed willingness to set attainable goals, and a steadfast commitment to pursue and catch your happiness.

“As I became absorbed in watching the majestic sunrise, I wondered, ‘was God answering my questions about his existence through the rays shimmering across the waves directly at me?’”

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Book Barry and Share the Power and Blessings Behind Each Sunrise Today!

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In his See Your Sunrise keynote address, Barry describes ways you can:


> Understand your personal truth

> Express aloud where you are today and where they hope to be in the future

> Involve yourself in the process of living a rich and full life

> Know you are taking positive action steps in building your future


When the blinders of circumstance and materialism are removed, we begin to see with the eyes of our heart. Suddenly, the unseen – the plan, power, and purpose that God brings into our lives becomes apparent.

Avoid a lifetime waiting for unplanned tomorrows that accumulate into a long list of wasted yesterdays.


See your sunrise with Barry.