Moving Forward Out of the Fog Program - See Your Sunrise
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A step-by-step, practical exercise-based program to 1) discover and control what
success means to you 2) establish the goals that will allow for setting the goals that
supports your definition 3) develop action-based pans to achieve the goals 4) and much more.


This isn’t your average self-help program. It isn’t the type of program that claims to do the hard work for you. After all, that’s not reality, is it?


What does this program do? It provides a plan with clear and defined checkpoints to achieving YOUR vision of success – not someone else’s. It doesn’t tell you what you should want (i.e. the fancy car, big house, or the fastest boat on the lake). Instead, it empowers you to dig down deep inside your soul and uncover your personal truth; the actual things that will make you happy.

Can You Remember the Last Time You Thought This?


> “I don’t want to go to work today.”

> “The neighbor has a much cleaner cut lawn than mine.”

> “When I have enough money to get the Mercedes-Benz, everything will be perfect.”

> “Is this relationship working anymore?”

> “What do I really want?”


If these thoughts sound familiar, it’s okay because most people have had them! Most of us start life with no idea where we’re going. If you’re lucky, something happens and you figure out where you are going, where you fit, and how you can live your dreams. So, the bolt of lightning never hit you… Don’t worry! That’s what the Moving Forward Out of the Fog program is here for: to lift the fog so you can find your way.  

“If you tell me, I forget. If you show me, I see. If you involve me, I understand.”

Decode the Path to Your Dreams


I can tell you what to do to achieve your dreams. I can show you what I, and many others, have done to achieve and live long-held dreams. But it won’t matter until I involve you in the process. Moving Forward Out of the Fog was designed to offer a personalized, step-by-step program with practical exercises to help you unlock your full potential.


Easily implement new skills and knowledge through a series of 5 proven steps:


> Visualize the benefits of a life you’re happy to live

> Retire old habits and adopt new ones

> Tap into your personal motivations to press on when the going gets tough

> Create goals that support your definition of success

> Develop action-oriented plans to achieve each of your goals

Are you fog-filled or free?

What Students Had to Say 

You Could Move Forward Out of the Fog, Or You Could…


> Throw more money at catchy slogans and guru worship products

> Listen to self-improvement podcasts that lack accountability

> Tackle individual problems by hiring personal coaches, trainers, and consultants

> Or just keep roaming through life blindfolded and deaf to your unique truth


Yeah, these options may work. But there’s a proven system with reliable processes and clear expectations in front of you right now.

So, What Will It Be?

Moving Forward Out of the Fog Program (Self-paced)




Physical binder with program materials

Checklists and worksheets to monitor progress

PDF version of program materials for easy access on the go

Complimentary admission into exclusive online Facebook group

Moving Forward Out of the Fog Program (In-Person, Half-Day Workshop)



Checklists and worksheets to monitor progress

PDF version of program materials for easy access on the go

Complimentary admission into exclusive online Facebook group

Personal access to program creator, Barry Rice, who will teach the steps to any group in-person

*Physical binder with program materials available for additional purchase at a discounted rate (Click to contact Barry for more information)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the self-paced program and in-person workshop different?

A: When you purchase the self-paced program, you receive a physical binder to your doorstep in addition to an online PDF version of the program materials in your email inbox. You decide the speed at which you complete the program. With the in-person workshop, program creator, Barry Rice, walks you through the program steps during the course of a few hours.

Q: Who should consider the “Moving Forward Out of the Fog” in-person workshop?

Larger groups (i.e. church congregations, businesses, veterans groups, etc.) would benefit most from the in-person workshop as there are discounts provided when the material is purchased in bulk. Contact Barry Rice for more information about his speaking services and in-person workshop.