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[SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA, April 30] Vietnam Veteran and Christian author, Barry Rice recently released an updated version of “The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise.” On May 18 at Three Sisters Books & Gifts on 7 Public Square in downtown Shelbyville, he will host a book signing event and casual discussion. “I am thrilled to share my book with the people of Shelby County,” Rice said. “I hope to inspire residents to reach for their dreams and define their own success independent of anyone else.”   As an orphan, divorcee, and veteran who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Rice had every reason to give up on achieving his dreams. After decades of making excuses instead of progress, Barry had a life-changing moment on a Florida beach. There, he realized the Power and Blessings beyond each sunrise, as well as the myriad of opportunities he had been neglecting. In his restorative and motivating new...