The See Your Sunrise Blog | Written By Barry Rice
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One of your leading goals should be to be of service to others, just as others will be of service to you. In reality, helping others without expecting anything in return CAN reward you in more ways than you may have thought possible. It's what we give and the positive attitude we display while giving that brings our greatest rewards. A wealthy man once asked his friend, "Why am I always being criticized for being miserly? Everyone knows I will leave everything to charity when I die.” "Well,” the friend responded, "let me tell you about the cow and the pig. The pig was complaining to the cow one day about how unpopular he was. 'People are always talking about how a cow is gentle and has kind eyes' said the pig. 'Sure, you give milk and cream, but I give more. I give bacon, ham, and bristles. Why, they even pickle...

Upon reaching that age where we all lose our childhood innocence, general skepticism began to set in about that which I could not see, touch, or feel. One of these skepticism examples occurred in my life several years ago. Then, I had an awakening, as it were, standing on a Florida beach in the early morning wondering where I was in my life, where I was going, and lamenting my current affairs. Why didn’t I have some of the visible signs of what society said would determine whether I was a success? Did I have the right income, the right career, the right car, and the right clothes? Did I live in the right place, was I taking the right vacations, did I have the right body shape? And on and on… Feeling as powerless as the sand under my feet, I learned that morning how each daily sunrise reveals all...

A quiet evening, years ago, while reading the newspaper as my wife was preparing dinner, I overheard my 4-year old daughter ask, "Mommy, can I help?" "Sure, sweetie. Would you please put the butter on the table for Mommy?" Moments later, the shriek of "EL-RIE!!!!!!" (at her birth, my son could not articulate Ellen Marie, out came "El-Rie" - it stuck) brought my son and I into the kitchen in a flash. My wife, holding her tummy, was bent in laughter. El-rie, with butter-covered knife in hand, confused look on her face, was standing beside where she had just 'painted' a pretty picture for Mommy all over the table - in butter - believing she had done exactly what she was asked. After all, hadn't Mommy asked, "Sweetie, would you please put the butter on the table for Mommy?" When communicating, be careful what you ask for, be it personal or job-oriented. Certainly,...

Have you fallen head over heels with yourself? Maybe you're wondering how to rediscover puppy love and rekindle your feelings for yourself. Unfortunately, many folks confuse acceptance OF self with acceptance BY others. This makes for a disconcerting existence. Acceptance OF self is the indisputable force behind your personality, your personal and career achievements and it is the one intrinsic attribute you must have to achieve and enjoy living your choices from God’s bountiful sunrise of opportunities. The courage to be your own person is your responsibility – no one else’s.  A negative person’s ideology will conflict with yours IF you are being your own person and accepting yourself without reservation. These negative thinkers may perceive you to be living in opposition to their beliefs and may consider that your acceptance OF self threatens their own lifestyle. They may even think that if you are right, they will have to give up...

Not making a choice is a choice. Letting things just happen in your life is a choice. Not accepting the blessings and opportunities that God presents every day is a choice. Accepting less than what you deserve, based upon your effort, is a choice. Not liking a particular choice does not mean that you do not have a choice. We are all constantly presented with choices - every day, we make hundreds of them. You can choose to be someone who makes life happen, OR, you can choose to continue in the addictive behavior of ‘couch-potato-ism’. Seems to me that’s no choice – BUT, it IS your choice! It personally took years for me to understand that when I don’t make a choice and simply let things happen, or let others make choices for me, that I have given up any personal power I may have had.  At times, it can be freeing...