About Barry Rice | See Your Sunrise
Barry Rice has been public speaking for decades about opportunities for choice and times for responsibility.
public speaking
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armodafinil price survey And I Have a Message You Don’t Want to Miss

“An Opportunity for Choice” and “A Time for Responsibility”

The “Reality and Truth” For An Abundant Life

speaker barry at dollar general hosted event

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  • Economy is going to leave you high and dry
  • Job is in jeopardy
  • Marriage deteriorating
  • Personal finances are in the toilet
  • Don’t know what to do next
  • Don’t know what you really want
  • Covetous of what your neighbors have
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Don’t have a relationship with God
  • Relationships with others are strained
  • Unresolved legal issues

http://emandemtinyhouse.com/category/tiny-house/page/3/ I lead attendees to understanding that the path of their lives, success and happiness is determined NOT by Madison Avenue, Washington, D.C., the media or people around them . . . BUT, by the “opportunities” God presents on a daily basis and the “choices” they make for their future.


Most people are hesitant to admit that they don’t know how to go about planning and working to achieve their definition of success.


During public speaking events, I walk attendees through how the Power and Blessings Of A Sunrise can lead them to achieving, having, and enjoying more in the next one year than they have in the previous five years.


All the same opportunities are available when you accept that every day is an http://www.twelve9teensportsphysiotherapy.com/92026-revatio-cost-walmart.html broaden “An Opportunity for Choice” and target differin gel walmart canada “A Time for Responsibility.”  indulekha price Contact me today to schedule this inspiring, enthusiastic (and humorous) message, with your business, organization or church.



From the opportunities upon the horizon of every sunrise, make your choice(s), define what your future will be, set goals to achieve and develop the plans to accomplish each goal


Once plans are made, are you willing to carry out each step of the plan, even if the task may be uncomfortable


Write it down, put your name to paper, and solidify your new way of living