No Time for Elephants - See Your Sunrise
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No Time for Elephants

close up of elephant eye

No Time for Elephants

visit this website browse around this website “The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment; it is not in luck or chance, or help of others; it is in yourself alone.” 

Orson Swett Marden

regarde ici When distinguishing between new sunrises of opportunity, forget about what you may think is logical, preconceived limits, your skill level or experience, or what others think you should do. Others may be able to stop you temporarily, but YOU are the only one who can stop you permanently. Think about it. An adult elephant can pick up one-ton loads with their trunks. Why is it that they calmly stand at the circus tied to small wooden stakes?

While the elephant was still young and not so Herculean, its movement was restricted by a heavy chain tied to a securely moored iron stake. It tried to break the chain but soon discovered that no matter how hard it tried, it could not. As the elephant grew and became strong, it never again tried to break loose because it THOUGHT it could not.

Living Like an Elephant

People without an appreciation of the tremendous opportunities granted all of us each day conduct their lives much like the elephant. They do not advance beyond the boundaries presumably assigned by ‘society’’ or their own self-imposed limitations.

Achieving success-supportive goals and capitalizing on opportunities is relatively EASY. The HARD part is defining what success means to you (independent of society’s definition of success); setting supportive, realistic goals; developing operative, written goal achievement plans; and making the personal commitment to achieve. Many live in the rumination stage of “If only…” as they have allowed these activities to become their heavy chains and iron stakes.

You should have an even balance of Financial, Career, Family, Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual goals. Capitalizing on your talents, skills and opportunities in each of these seven areas derives from making the effort of developing a personal and written definition of what success will mean in your future.

Many folks find comfort in the preoccupation mind-set of  “If only…” as they have allowed their activities to become their personal heavy chains and iron stakes.

To avoid the “If only…” zone:

  1. Define, write and commit to your independent, personalized definition of success.
  2. Establish goals that support your definition of success.  
  3. Develop a detailed, written plan of ‘how’ you will achieve your goals, complete with a schedule of activities and a specific budget of time, effort and financial resources required.
  4. Make the critical personal commitment to execute the action plans that allow you to achieve your goals.

You may well achieve more in the next one year than in the past five years through your willingness and commitment to learn all you can about defining YOUR success, setting success-supportive goals, and developing effective and realistic action plans supported by your personal commitment to achieve. Your successes, your failures, and new, daily opportunities allow you to window shop for that which supports your personal definition of success.

Be an elephant no more!

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