Want to Get Into the "In" Crowd? No, You Don't. - See Your Sunrise
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Want to Get Into the “In” Crowd? No, You Don’t.

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Want to Get Into the “In” Crowd? No, You Don’t.

http://medicaloneonline.com/?feed=rss2 Hoping to become a part of the mythical in-crowd is nothing more than a trap that non-opportunistic people have blindly fallen into. The ability for a fog-filled person to find or manufacture some excuse to put off living their dreams and attaining success is their greatest talent. Instead of living gloriously and independently, they depend on others to make decisions regarding their lives and wait idly by for circumstances to change.

In the beginning…

More Info We began our lives imitating the behavior of others. As we grew, we tested our own wings. We learned our limits the hard way. We learned frustration. We experienced a loss of self-confidence. Unfortunately, some became complacent and dependent. Some only did what was expected so that, somehow, they might be looked upon as a success in the eyes of others.

christian keyes on dating younger women During our growing up process, we yearned to become a member of the “in” crowd. If we didn’t make it, we became outcasts. Fog-filled folks want to be “in” because that is where society says we should be if we hope to enjoy a successful life. This delusion continues into adulthood where it transforms into the attempt to “keep up with the Jones’.” But it is the opposite path that a fog-filled person must take to find their own success and break free of the one society defines for them. This takes courage, self-esteem, self-purpose, a well-developed plan, and a solid personal commitment.

The “in” crowd loses its allure

important site After consideration, you may feel ashamed of how you have limited your daily sunrise of opportunities to this point in your life. Have you adapted your life to meet the desires, requirements, or suggestions of society’s expectations instead of your own? If so, perhaps you felt you would be accepted by what you believed to be the “in crowd?” Or are your thoughts and daydreams in opposition to society’s “in” way of thinking and measurement of success? Is your outward presentation of who you are a direct reflection of your inward reality? If not, you need to take an honest look at yourself.

Now, start thinking for yourself and go grab yourself a whole bunch of sunrises of opportunity!

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