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NEGATIVITY 0 – REALITY 100! Score it.

negativity versus positivity

NEGATIVITY 0 – REALITY 100! Score it.

redirected here You’ve made the decision to pursue a specific personal or professional opportunity. You’ve set the appropriate goals and developed a written plan of action. Now, you must choose your friends and associates carefully to ensure that you are moving forward with other positive-minded folks. You don’t want to slide backwards with negative-thinking ‘fog-filled’ folks.

us free dating chating mobile sites A few years ago, an old man lived and made his living by the side of a well-traveled road. He was hard of hearing, so he did not own a radio. Despite his handicaps, the old man did a great job of selling hot dogs. The sign outside his stand declared how delicious his hot dogs were and he stood by the side of the road and called out to passers-by, “Hey, folks, buy one of my delicious hot dogs.” People stopped . . .and bought! Each month the old man had to increase his order for hot dogs and buns.  He even had to purchase a larger stove to accommodate his upward spiraling business.

Summer came and his neighbor’s son returned home from college. The boy, with far more education and having a greater interest in current affairs, asked the old man, “Haven’t you been listening to the radio?  Haven’t you been reading about the great recession that’s hit us?”

The boy went on to tell the old man how terrible the economic situation was, how it was only going to get worse, and that the old man should cut his losses now and cut back on his business promotions. The old man thought about what the boy had to say and concluded, “This boy is well-informed. He reads and listens to the news, so he must know what he’s talking about. If business is bad all over the country, it surely must be bad around here.”

So, the old man cut down on his hot dog and bun orders. He even took his road sign down. No longer did he stand by the side of the road and call out to passers-by. His hot dog sales fell almost overnight and he literally gave up.

“You are right,” the old man said to the boy after his business fell to nothing, “business sure is bad around here.”

Make it a point not to listen to your co-worker’s, friend’s, even your family’s gripes and groans. Negative thinkers don’t believe they are negative. Instead, they believe that they are simply being realistic and everyone else is erring for being optimistic, positive and opportunity minded.

Don’t spend time with people whose emotional and/or financial thinking is less positive than yours. Don’t spend time with people who attempt to live everyone’s life but their own. Separate yourself from people who are lazy about their future and stay away from people who try to fill you with their negative influences. Your family is one thing (although you should consider their influence on you as well); your choice of friends and associates is another. It’s a tough job to maintain a high level of motivation and enthusiasm. You will only make it tougher trying to drag negative-thinkers up your personal ladder of success.

Actually, it is quite easy, and painless, to change where, and with whom, you spend the majority of your time. As you begin identifying and spending more time with these positive new influences in your life, you will find that there need be no open breaks, nor confrontations, with your old friends and/or associates.

Your new visit this website REALITY of positive thinking will no longer have time for negativity!

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